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What are your Support Hours?

Our Customer Support Team work from 9am - 5pm PST , Monday - Friday (with some holiday closures). Our phone number is: (714) 215- 4442. If you have any issues please feel free to reach out to the Kush Queen Support Team at [email protected] and

Is it legal to ship CBD to me?

While CBD is federally legal in the United States, we are unable to ship any packages to South Dakota residents due to payment processor restrictions for CBD sales in this state. Our online shop only carries products made with high-quality hemp-deriv

Where can I find Ingredients lists?

A complete list of every Kush Queen product ingredient can be found on our website product page (www.kushqueen.shop) under 'Additional Information". Ingredients list is also located on all packaging.

What makes Kush Queen unique?

Wellness focused. Plant honoring. Maximum benefits. Our team is constantly working on the creation of hemp and cannabis products that facilitate wellness. You will never find Kush Queen using hemp or cannabis in products just for the sake of saying t

Does Kush Queen donate any profits to charity?

Yes, we do! Being of service is so important to the entire Kush Queen team. We regularly choose organizations, big and small, as well as individuals, that we can help however possible! We invite you to join us in our contributions as you will often f

Who is the Owner of Kush Queen?

Olivia Alexander is the Founder and CEO of Kush Queen, a premier luxury lifestyle cannabis brand that launched in 2015. Renowned for providing quality, innovative cannabis wellness, and lifestyle products, Olivia has become known as one of the indust

How long has Kush Queen been in business?

Officially born in 2015, Kush Queen has been committed to providing premier cannabis, wellness, and lifestyle products. Today, with products ranging from wellness topicals, ingestibles, & beauty products, Kush Queen is the premier female-focused cann

Where can I find the Lab Tests for your products?

As a company, Kush Queen values complete transparency and provide lab tests for all our available products. You can view our most up to date Lab Tests here.

Where is the hemp Kush Queen uses grown?

We source our hemp from Oregon, where the soil is rich with nutrients, and the climate allows a full growing season. We strive to source our hemp from sustainable farms with Organic and pesticide free practices. Learn more about our hemp CBD here.

Is Kush Queen hemp pesticide free?

At Kush Queen, we partner with farms that do not use any genetically modified nutrients or pesticides on the plants. Every batch of Hemp is 3rd party lab tested to ensure it is pesticide free. Learn more about the hemp we use here!

How is the CBD Kush Queen uses extracted?

All Kush Queen hemp is extracted with CO2. Learn more about our hemp CBD here!

Are Kush Queen products manufactured in an FDA approved facility?

Currently, the FDA does not regulate CBD or provide FDA approval for CBD producing facilities. We manufacture everything in-house in our Southern California CBD facility. What is important to note is that Kush Queen is also a cannabis company and we

Do Kush Queen product contain filler ingredients?

No. Our products contain absolutely zero filler ingredients. A complete list of ingredients for every Kush Queen product can be found on the respective product's page under "Additional Information."

Where are active ingredients sourced from?

All inactive ingredients are sourced in the USA and we use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. If a product is not completely organic, Kush Queen provides the percentage of organic ingredients on every product!

Medical Disclaimer

We, at Kush Queen, pride ourselves on our meticulously crafted products and quality ingredients. We do, however, encourage caution when using any new skin care or beauty products. If you are undergoing any treatments, taking prescriptions medication,

Are your products Vegan?

All Kush Queen products are proudly Vegan. 💚🐇

Can someone under 18 consume your products?

Per regulations, hemp products are prohibited to anyone under 18. We recommend that you speak to your medical care provider to determine whether hemp products would be right for your child.

Does Kush Queen have an Affiliate Program?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliate with Kush Queen! Click HERE to find more information and to sign-up!

Chat Privacy Policy

📣  By using this chat feature, you consent to the use of information about you and this chat session by Kush Queen. Kush Queen may use or disclose this information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to these terms, please d

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