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What makes your Kush Queen CBD personal lubricant effective?

Our Water Based Lubricant was created after we learned most CBD lubricants on the market are being made with coconut oil. Coconut oil is NOT latex safe, CANNOT be used by people with nut allergies, and can even throw off the pHh balance of the vagina

What makes your “Melt” lotion so effective?

Our Melt pain relief lotion blends 20 essential oils with our Nano CBD & THC (available in licensed CA dispensaries) to offer instant and targeted relief. The water-based lotion does not leave an oily or sticky residue, but rather glides on with ease

Why would I need CBD in my Shower Gel?

Our Soaked shower gel was created to help you seamlessly incorporate hemp or cannabis into your daily routine. Soaked is a focused wellness product rather than a hygiene or beauty product with the Nano CBD providing transdermal relief. Our customers

Will Defynt work on my skin?

Defynt Anti-Aging Skin Serum was created for all skin types and is a gentle, but effective serum. That being said, we still recommend a patch test prior to widespread use. If you are seeing a dermatologist or have severe allergies, please consult wit

What does “The Entourage Effect” mean?

The entourage effect describes the synergistic relationship between compounds found in the cannabis plant that enhances their effectiveness when combined. However, the Entourage Effect can apply to more than just elements within the cannabis plants.

What does “Nano” CBD mean?

Nano Technology is a process we use to convert our CBD into molecules into water-soluble nanoparticles that are up to 2,000 times smaller than oil pores or hair follicles. This greatly increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids.

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