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My bôost has a bitter taste!

Bôost is a flavorless product. That means we do not add any flavor to Bôost so you can easily add it to foods, drinks, lotions, and products that may have other tastes and scents. However, Bôost does have a taste. Cannabinoids have an inherent taste and bitterness which can be tasted when consuming Bôost alone. Think about the way alcohol tastes, it has a distinct taste that you get used to or work around it with other flavors. The best way to combat bitterness is a sweet or sour flavor: fruit juices, honey, sugar, or overall sweetness.

it is what it is
people cant seem to understand this
the way i like to explain it is
what does pure alcohol taste like on the tongue
or other active molecules such as caffeine?
they all have an extremely strong usually bitter taste

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