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Vape Battery Instruction Guide

Charging - 

   Using the provided charging wire, plug in the Micro-B port to the bottom of your KQ Battery. Then plug in the USB port to a USB charger. Approximate Charging time is 1 hour.


   Once charging time is complete, quickly tap the silver button 5 clicks. You will see a Blue/Red/White light flash 3 times. This indicates that the unit has been turned On or Off.  Once you have charged, powered on, and connected your vape to the battery, you get to enjoy the elevation of Kush Queen! Press and hold the silver button while you inhale, then release. 


Your KQ Vape Battery comes with 3 different voltage options. Tap the silver button 3 clicks to adjust the output voltage.

LED Light Cues:

  • Red: 3.6 V 

  • Blue: 3.1 V - recommended

  • White: 2.7 V - recommended


   Heating your cart prior to inhaling is beneficial if your cartridge will not hit properly. Pre-heating a non-clogged vape will result in a dry pull. To preheat, tap the silver button 2 clicks. The blue light will flash for 15 seconds as the unit is heated. Tap the silver button 1 time to cancel the preheat mode. 

   If you are experiencing difficulty, please ensure that the battery has been charged. If you are having any issues, reach out to [email protected] for support.

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