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Are Kush Queen products manufactured in an FDA approved facility?

Currently, the FDA does not regulate CBD or provide FDA approval for CBD producing facilities. 

We manufacture everything in-house in our Southern California CBD facility. What is important to note is that Kush Queen is also a cannabis company and we produce our cannabis products at a separate facility licensed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. California state regulations require cannabis products to be accurately dosed and free of: pesticides, heavy metals, microbial, mycotoxins, residual solvents and foreign materials. The State of California holds cannabis products to stricter standards than typical FDA standards. For example, the margin of error allowed in dosing currently by the FDA is 20%, while in California cannabis, we are only allowed a 10% margin of error. We use these same standards with our hemp CBD products. 

When formulating new products, Kush Queen uses an FDA lab. Our most recent lab tests for our hemp CBD products can be found here!

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